Useful Calendula Home Remedies You Should Try

Useful Calendula Home Remedies You Should Try

Calendula, also known as ‘pot marigold’, is a bright yellow herb that is used by major cosmetics companies all over the world to produce expensive skin care products.

Of course, this humble herb is inexpensive if you’re using it in your home remedies… and it’s just as potent. When it comes to treating wounds and skin conditions, calendula is right up there with the best of them because of its healing properties.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties which help to ease pain and irritation. Let’s look at a few ways you can use calendula.

  • Treating inflammation

If your body suffers from aches and pains for no reason, it might be due to inflammation because of a poor diet or other factors. If you find yourself in this scenario, consuming a cup of calendula tea will be ideal.

It’s great for indigestion too.

All you’ll need to do is add 2 teaspoons of dried calendula flowers into a cup of water that has just been boiled. Let the herb steep for 10 minutes before straining the mix.

Sip it slowly. 2 cups of chamomile a day will do you good.

If you have ulcers in the mouth, painful gums or a sore throat, you may gargle the tea for a few minutes and spit it out. Allow the calendula tea some time to soothe the ulcers, pain, etc.

  • Skin conditions

Calendula is great for pain relief, and it’s just as effective on your skin as it is for conditions in your stomach or mouth. If you’re suffering from sunburn, cracked/chapped skin, wounds, painful skin inflammation, etc. applying calendula to the affected areas will help.

To use calendula on the skin, you’ll need to add a few drops calendula tincture to some aloe vera gel. Then generously apply this gel on the externally affected areas.

On a side note, there is usually some confusion as to what an oil and tincture is. Some people think it’s the same thing. It’s NOT. A tincture has an alcohol base. It’s not an oil.

You may choose to make your own calendula tincture by grinding calendula petals and dissolving it in alcohol (leave for 2 weeks) or you may save yourself the hassle and just buy it from the store.

Generally, it’s easier and less time-consuming to just buy your tincture from an online store like Amazon.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, calendula helps to improve your vision and also increase your energy. Drinking a cup of calendula tea daily will help to prevent fatigue.

It is an antiseptic with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also acts as an astringent. So, it’s highly effective for treating cuts, wounds, etc. All you need to do is apply a cold compress with calendula to the affected areas.

If you have eczema, you can use calendula to treat it too. You may either use calendula cream or the gel mentioned above. Very often, herbalists wonder if using store-bought herbal products is as effective as making their own remedies.

The truth is that making your own remedy can be cheaper and better (if you’re using all-natural ingredients). However, if you don’t have the time, you can always purchase a calendula salve or remedy from the store and just ensure that it’s made from natural ingredients with very little chemical or additives.

There are many great herbal remedy products on the market. They may cost a little more, but will save you time and effort. So, it’s up to you which way you choose to go.

What matters is that you use herbs such as calendula in your remedies. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by getting the benefits from these potent herbs.