Old-Looking Unfit People at the Age of 50…

Have you ever noticed that people age at drastically different rates?

This is especially apparent as someone hits 50.

This meme captures perfectly…

(Wilford Brimley was 50 in Cocoon and Tom Cruise was 56 when they filmed the newest Mission Impossible movie.)

In 1985… 50 years-old WAS considered old.

People not only looked old, they moved like old people as well.

When you age one of the first things to shrink are your type 2 fast-twitch muscles fibers.

This will eventually cause you to move at a snail’s pace.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Strength training can help you retain these muscle fibers.

You DO need to be careful with exercise selection.

Barbells and machines can work, but there is one potential issue.

The prime movers (main muscles) get worked… but your joints and stabilizer muscles don’t get trained at the same rate as your muscles.

The less balancing that is required from the stabilizers…

The worse this issue becomes.

Strong muscles combined with weak stabilizers can cause serious problems over time.

A prime example of this is the leg press machine.

This can greatly increase leg strength…

But the lower back and core don’t have to work at all (this is asking for an injury).

This is where the kettlebell comes in.

Kettlebells are almost the EXACT opposite of this.

Your joints and stabilizers have to become strong FIRST, before you have the ability to do a lot of the exercises.

This is one reason that special forces units and the military use kettlebell training.

This type of training creates a strong injury-resistant body.

Kettlebells strengthen connective tissues at the same rate as the muscles.

This in one of the biggest strengths of the kettlebell compared to many traditional “gym exercises”.

Chris Lopez and Rusty Moore have created a Kettlebell Home Workout course that requires just one-single kettlebell.

This a 3-month program aimed specifically at torching body fat and creating a lean, strong and injury-resistant body.

Kettlebell lifts require full body coordination.

Here’s a GIF image created from one of the videos in the course.

(Chris Lopez lives in Costa Rica and all of the workout and exercise demonstrations are filmed right on the beach where he lives.)

He is demonstrating progression from a one-arm kettlebell swing to a one-arm snatch.

Chris is one of the world’s top kettlebell experts and has been training with nothing but kettlebells since 2003.

This course was just released in the Fall of 2020.

Visual Impact Kettlebells

If you are training from home, this course gets my highest recommendation.