Lavender: An Essential Herb You MUST Use

Lavender: An Essential Herb You MUST Use

Lavender is one of the most popular herbs on the planet. It’s used in a plethora of products from aromatherapy candles, to air fresheners, herbal remedies and much more. It’s a very versatile herb that’s most often associated with stress relief.

  • Stress relief

If you have lavender oil, all you need to do is add a few drops in an aromatherapy diffuser and breathe in the pleasant fragrance whenever you’re feeling anxious or stressed out.

Alternatively, you may add a few drops of lavender oil to a warm bath and soak in the bath for a while as you unwind and relax. Do mix the oil drops in the water well so that it disperses well.

The scent of lavender may also help to relieve asthma symptoms.

  • Hair growth

One use of lavender that many people are unfamiliar with is that it can also be used to stimulate hair growth. You’ll need to mix 2 drops of lavender oil with a carrier oil like olive oil and gently rub the oil on your scalp.

The antimicrobial properties of the lavender oil will eliminate bacterial growth on the scalp and help to prevent scalp pimples and other skin irritations. This will indirectly promote better hair health.

  • Skin care

Lavender oil can be used to treat skin irritations and prevent fungal growth too. The principle is the same. Using lavender oil that’s been mixed with a carrier oil like thyme oil will help to make a mix that soothes the skin and prevents irritation.

Insect bites, eczema, bee stings, rashes, etc. are all common skin issues that can be addressed with lavender.

  • Treat insomnia

The easiest way to use lavender to treat insomnia will be to burn a lavender-infused candle in the bedroom. The wafts of pleasant lavender scents will help to ease your mind and body and help you drift off to sleep.

Some people prefer to mix a few drops of lavender oil with water and use a spray to lightly spray their bedsheets so that the scent is on the bed.

Or you could add a few drops of lavender oil to a cotton ball and place it close to your pillow. All that matters is that you get the scent of the lavender. Once you can smell it, the scent of the lavender will have a positive effect on you.

Up till now, we’ve only focused on using lavender oil to treat a variety of health issues. However, lavender can also be consumed as a tea.

All you’ll need to do is add 1 teaspoon of dried lavender flowers into a cup of water that has just been boiled. Allow the herb to steep in for 5 minutes.

Swirl the mixture and strain it. You may choose to add some natural sweetener such as honey into the tea. Sip it slowly. 1 to 2 cups of lavender tea a day is ideal.

The effects of the tea are similar to using the oil. It will help to induce sleep because of the fragrance of the tea. Besides that, it will boost your immunity, reduce inflammation and help to detox the body.

Lavender is an essential herb that no self-respecting herbalist would be caught dead without. Use it in your home remedies and make it a part of your life. Lavender will help you to be calmer and more collected in this chaotic world.

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