9 Simple Secrets to Create a Comfortable Sleep Space

9 Simple Secrets to Create a Comfortable Sleep Space

If you don’t have an area set up for sleeping and very little else, it will be hard to improve your sleep cycle. The main reason is that most people need to have a cool, quiet, dark, and comfortable place to sleep and stay asleep all night long. 

    Clear the clutter – Several studies show that having a lot of mess around increases anxiety. If you want to sleep well at night, keep your bedroom as clear of clutter as you can so that there is nothing but a serene view for your eyes to take in. This will relax you. 

    Clean it up – Just like clutter can cause anxiety, so can a room that is unclean, dusty, or smelly. If your bedroom smells like dirty laundry, it’s going to be hard to focus on sleeping when you lay down. Clean your room and organize it so that it smells nice. You can even use essential oils like lavender to help make it ready for snoozing. 

    Buy the best bed you can afford – Your mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture you can buy. However, it can be shocking to find out how much a good one costs because most people have no idea. Sadly, most people also don’t sleep on the ideal mattress. Thankfully, today, some awesome companies will deliver to your door for less than a grand that work fine for a few years. Although a really good mattress with a long warranty will cost thousands, these beds in a box delivered to your door can work too. As long as you accept you may need to replace it often. 

    Buy the best sheets and blankets, and pillows you can afford – Once you have purchased the best mattress you can afford, make sure you cover it with the best sheets and blankets and other bedding that you can afford too. Also, consider the fabrics that deal with your issues, such as cotton, jersey, or silk. 

    Make it dark – The darkness signals to your mind that it’s time to go to sleep. So keep the lighting in your room low enough that you’re not awakened just by getting ready for bed and then make it as dark as you can with blackout curtains and eliminating any lights on appliances, fans, and technology, so nothing is stimulating your brain as you try to sleep. 

    Turn down the thermostat – Sleeping in a cooler room with blankets will ensure that you sleep more soundly. The scientifically studied temperature for the best sleeping is 65 to 68 degrees which can be hard to get in the summertime. Invest in the right cooling system to help you achieve as close to this ideal as possible. 

    Kick out the electronics – Your tablet, computer, television, smartphone, and so forth are all things that should be banned from your bedroom because they aren’t helpful to ensure you go to and stay asleep. You can’t do anything to help anyone if you’re not sleeping well. However, you can help in the morning when you wake. So please turn it off and keep them out of your bedroom. 

    Keep out the noise – Depending on where you live, you’ll want to find ways to eliminate the noise that can wake and disturb your sleep. There are noises in the city, suburbs, and country that can keep you awake. A white noise machine will increase your ability to get to sleep no matter what’s happening outside with that crazy bird. 

    Wear comfortable nightwear or none at all – If you tend to sweat in the night, or get cold in the night, consider those things as you invest in nightwear. Some people sleep great in a cotton t-shirt and socks, while others prefer to be naked. Try different ways but make sure you are very comfortable and nothing is binding your body or causing numb or painful spots as you sleep. 

If you create an inviting and comfortable space made for sleeping and if you’re so inclined, sex, and only those activities, you’re going to automatically train your brain to calm down and go to sleep when you get in your bed each evening. 

Creating an inviting and comfortable sleeping space is just one of the 10 Proven Tips to Avoid Insomnia and Sleep Better Every Night that can help you achieve better rest every night. For more information on managing your sleep environment, check out our next tip on Only Use Your Bed for Sleep and Sex.